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prompt: week thirty-four (challenge)

There were no entries for the last challenge so we have a new prompt for a new round. This one was chosen by headnodic so big thanks to her for the suggestion :)

The current challenge is tiptoe.

+ The writing guidelines are the same.
+ Post your ficlet directly to the community in it's own entry (with a real or fake cut).
+ All entries must be turned in by May 14th at midnight (eastern time).
+ Tags for your entry should be: *all fiction, prompt: week thirty-four, user: fillintheblank
+ Multiple entries are encouraged so feel free to submit up to three fics!!

I also have three quick notes regarding the community:
• Please take a moment to vote in the last round's poll. Only three people voted and all of them sported different opinions so we have a three-way tie going on.
• Both Skins and The Vampire Diaries are now allowed fandoms, by popular request.
• Last but not least, please pimp the community to anyone you think might be interested!
Tags: *mod post, prompt: challenge, prompt: week thirty-four
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