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prompt: week seventeen (challenge)

The winner of the most recent prompt challenge was penny_lane_42, with her Gunn/Elle fic Cracked Lightning. This means that...

The current prompt is escape.

+ Your ficlet must be between 100-300 words.
+ It (obviously) must feature a crossover ship from an allowed fandom.
+ It (obviously) must feature the prompt in some (however abstract) way.
+ Post your ficlet directly to the community in it's own entry (with a real or fake cut).
+ All entries must be turned in within two weeks: Saturday, September 6th.
+ Tags for your entry should be: *all fiction, prompt: week seventeen, user: fillintheblank
+ We do allow for multiple entries so feel free to submit up to three fics!!

ALSO, I just want to remind everyone who is participating in the fic exchange that the deadline is fastly approaching! Your fic should be emailed to be by this Thursday. However, feel free to email me your fic as soon as you have finished. This will make things run smoother in the long run.

If there's been any indication that you may be a bit late with your fic, or if you need to drop out, please let me know as soon as possible! I will need to plan accordingly and also find a backup writer. Please please please let me know as soon as you can. If you end up finishing? Great. If you don't? At least we may get the poll posted on time. (Though given this communities track record...)

Anyway, the point: Keep me updated.
Tags: *mod post, prompt: challenge, prompt: week seventeen
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