Hider (hide_r) wrote in choco_cherries,

prompt: week twenty (challenge)

Because participation has been non-existent outside of the lovely penny_lane_42, I'm gonna give you guys a head start on the next round. Everyone who voted in the poll was in support of a free-for-all challenge so that's what we'll do be doing for now.

There is no prompt this week.

However, you must still follow the usual rules...
+ Your ficlet must be between 100-300 words.
+ It (obviously) must feature a crossover ship from an allowed fandom.
+ It (obviously) must feature the prompt in some (however abstract) way.
+ Post your ficlet directly to the community in it's own entry (with a real or fake cut).
+ All entries must be turned in within two weeks: Saturday, December 6th.
+ Tags for your entry should be: *all fiction, prompt: week twenty, user: fillintheblank
+ We do allow for multiple entries so feel free to submit up to three fics!!
Tags: *mod post, prompt: challenge, prompt: week twenty
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