Hider (hide_r) wrote in choco_cherries,

prompt: week twenty-one (challenge)

The poll is tied but both of the fics were written by the same person so.... congratulations penny_lane_42!! You win this round.

That being said, I didn't ask for prompts from the participants because I've decided to keep the free for all challenge going until the end of the month. We'll start new challenges back with the new year. Until then, you're on your own for inspiration.

The rules are still (mostly) the same.
+ Your ficlet must be between 100-300 words.
+ It (obviously) must feature a crossover ship from an allowed fandom.
+ It (obviously) must feature the prompt in some (however abstract) way.
+ Post your ficlet directly to the community in it's own entry (with a real or fake cut).
+ All entries must be turned in by New Year's Eve (Wednesday, December 31st)
+ Tags for your entry should be: *all fiction, prompt: week twenty-one, user: fillintheblank
+ Multiple entries are not only allowed, but encouraged, so feel free to submit up to three fics!!

Because this is a super!round, there will probably be more in it for the winner then a pat in the back. I'm still working out exactly what, however.
Tags: *mod post, prompt: challenge, prompt: week twenty-one
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